About Us

AB UNLIMITED. Why we do what we do. Realizing a need, during this economic downturn, for a progressive company that offers all facets of marketing a product, while still maintaining the bottom line for clients, Brian & Amy Williams launched AB Unlimited: a one-stop print, marketing and promotional product supplier. AB Unlimited operates as an offsite extension of their client’s production department, providing a quality, cost-efficient marketing product solution. The primary goal is to make the client's job easier. Says Mark Walker, Senior VP-Print Advertising, Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing & Distribution, "In light of our struggling economy, traditionally large companies are recording record financial losses. In this wake, smaller up and coming companies, such as AB Unlimited, have proven to be a more cost-efficient and client-oriented, and deserve to be recognized." Try the AB Unlimited experience. Our Service-Plus team is ready to serve you.